AI and Legal Interpretation

Live: December 2, 2020 - h. 17:00 pm (Italian time)

How judges and lawyers figure out what a word means within a legal text? This has always been a thorny question. Among various patterns of legal interpretation, the corpus linguistics approach is a rising one. It exploits big data to understand the ordinary meaning of a word for legal purposes.

The seminar will be live-streamed  on You Tube at "Aula Rostagni UniPadova DFA"

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conference speaker

James Heilpern

James Heilpern is a pioneer in the emerging discipline of Law & Corpus Linguistics. A sought after speaker for judicial education and CLE courses, he has personally trained judges and clerks on four U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeal, one U.S. district court, and eight state supreme courts, as well as dozens of practicing attorneys around the country. As an academic at BYU Law, he helped shape the legal theory undergirding this new discipline, authoring numerous influential law review articles in top journals. Now, as president of Corpus Legal Services he empowers others–through training and consulting services–to harness the power of big data and gain the upper hand in cases ranging from constitutional questions to trademark disputes.