Physics of Data & Digital Transition

Modeling and theoretical interpretation of complex natural phenomena from large amounts of data are at the heart of physics research. The revolution of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence represents in this sense the challenges and opportunities for today’s physicists.

In particular, the digital transformation, is deeply transforming our society and having a relevant impact in several fields including: 1) in the sciences there is growing interest in the predictive ability of models based on the analysis of big data; 2) In the economic sphere, digital transformation (i.e. the process of integrating digital technologies into all aspects of business), is leading to substantial changes at the level of technology and value generation; 3) in social life also promoting customs, habits, and behavioral patterns.

To critically govern and make the most of these transformations and their rapid expansion in human activities, the project aims to provide students with an interdisciplinary and extra-curricular training (including soft skills), through a series of seminars, workshops and intensive courses. In this way, students will meet leading experts from both the academic and business worlds, capable of activating formative processes to synthesize in a critical and mature way these technological transformations.