The Deep Cooking Era

Date: February 28,2022 - h 16.45 (Italian time)Where: Aula Rostagni, Physics and Astronomy Dept

At Unox we have always been at the cutting edge of innovation in our market. We have developed many breakthrough solutions to control the exchange heat with food, move air, generate and remove steam inside the cooking chamber. Everyday we focus our efforts in investigating more efficient algorithms to precisely control the cooking processes. During the last five years we have been pushing the transition from building mere mechanical products, to smart and scalable digital solutions. To accomplish this revolution, we still need to find answers to many complex questions, such as: which are the biggest challenges in the future of the food equipment global market? How innovative sensors help to understand food properties? How can AI boost the performances and the reliability of the cooking processes? How will robotics shape the next generation cooking equipment? These and many more questions which we aspire to address with the amazing team which we are building.

conference speaker

Mario Cammarota

I joined Unox in 2013 after a Master’s Degree in Physics and a PhD in Neurobiology at the University of Padua where I developed mathematical models and innovative experimental approaches to study neuronal networks in physiopatology.

At Unox I lead a team whose mission is to design and to develop smart cooking appliances for the most demanding professional catering market. We think about food as soft matter which is transformed by the cooking processes. The starting point of our research activity is the scientific study of the physical and chemical reactions that modify the organoleptic properties of the food and aims to develop all the technology needed to master these reactions in the most autonomous, efficient and reliable way.