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Fighting Covid with AI

Epidemic models

The spreading of covid-19 can be described by different epidemic models. Remembering that “all the models are wrong but some are useful”, in the following you can find accessible materials to better understand the role of models in the fight against covid-19

In fact, the success of South Korea or Singapore to contain the epidemic may be explained because of very accurate contact tracings (among other factors): Coronavirus cases have dropped sharply in South Korea. What’s the secret to its success?

Tracking and Analytics

A.I. and machine learning methods are used by many international research institutions and companies to help health experts address the COVID-19 pandemic. These initiatives are certainly related to data-driven epidemic models and outbreak prediction, but there are also several attempts and some success stories in genome sequencing, health care management, tracking and drug development.

How people are using AI to detect and fight the coronavirus

What is the role of AI tracking in our future?
This is what it will take to get us back outside” (from MIT Review)

A.I. have been used to track movement ranges in cities, as well as to compute a “social connectedness index” which can help epidemiologists forecast the likelihood of disease spread and support hospitals to allocate resources

AI, Justice, and Common Good

The average narrative pits law against A.I. Conscious of the potentials of A.I., societies have attempted to constrain it, mostly through privacy regulations. We think there is much more to say and to learn. Marrying A.I. and law may help both. If A.I. complies with legal imperatives such as dignity, fairness, and equality, it will help societies thrive in substantial ways. If law opens up to the novelties of A.I., it will benefit everyone without losing contact with life.

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