Teaching Innovation

The AI revolution calls for a revolution in education.

The project aims to reflect on and to experiment practical approaches to teaching the massive social implications of AI. The pervasive utilization of AI requires new teaching methodologies, calls for new curricula, creates new job opportunities. The project heeds these calls through the integration of teaching, learning, and experimenting. Students need to test themselves; teachers need to craft new methods of teaching; the academia needs to promote inventiveness, market dynamism, and self-criticism.

For students.
A selected group of Unipd students will attend a residential intensive course of three days. An expert in change management will teach and work on the attendees’ soft skills.

For teachers.
Instructors will teach Unipd professors and lecturers the most advanced teaching methods that identify and nurture the students’ capabilities, preparing them for the job market.

The specific objectives consist of:
  • development of interdisciplinary profiles and contents.  
  • integration between skills and job consequences in the field of artificial intelligence, innovation, social regulation and economic initiative;
  • development of soft skills necessary for students to work in interdisciplinary and innovative areas.
The project will conclude with a residential school of 3 days in Bressanone, where group of students coming from different disciplines will work together under the guidance of a facilitator, to develop ideas and approaches to tackle proposed real world problems