Modelling and quantifying robustness of interconnected systems: at the crossroad of network science and AI

Date: June 16, 2023 - at 11.00 AM (Italian time)Where: Aula B, Via Paolotti 9, 35131, Padova

Over the last years, network theory has been revealed to be a convenient and flexible framework to characterize and model the structure and dynamics of complex systems. A wide range of disciplines, from socio-technical to natural sciences, face common questions when their objects of study can be represented as networks. One of them is the robustness and resilience of interconnected systems to perturbations and malfunctions. In this seminar, I will provide a general and comprehensive overview of the main strands of research on network dismantling. Emphasis will be put on how to quantify robustness by combining mathematical techniques and AI-assisted tools.

conference speakers

Oriol Artime

Oriol Artime is a “Margarita Salas” postdoctoral researcher at the University of Barcelona, Spain. Prior to this, he has been a postdoctoral researcher at the Bruno Kessler Foundation, and he holds a PhD from the Institute for Cross-Displinary Physcs and Complex Systems – IFISC. His research primarily deals with topics at the interface between statistical physics and complex systems, with a strong focus on complex network robustness and resilience.