Before and after chatGPT: chances, changes, and opportunities of large language models in research

Date: May 23, 2023 - at 16.30 (Italian time)Where: Aula B, Via Paolotti 9, 35131, Padova

We have all come to realize recently that there is a before and after ChatGPT, the algorithms created for the new large “language model”. This is especially true for the fields of AI, CS, Data Science, and ML, but in other ways also for social sciences, humanities, and industry. Many of these changes are relevant to the work we do, and LLMs will change it forever.

In his talk, Dirk will explain the revolutionary ideas behind ChatGPT and their history. He will also give his take on how these new tools change possibilities for research and society, and what to be aware of when using them. He will discuss the worries and concerns as well as the new possibilities emerging every day.

conference speakers

Dirk Hovy

Dirk (left image) is an associate professor at Bocconi’s department of computing sciences in Milan, and director of the Data and Marketing Insight research unit at the Bocconi Center for Data Science and Analytics.

Andrea Pin

Associate Professor of Comparative Public Law, University of Padova.

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